Wednesday, 2 March 2011


Gee i am gettin the hang of this now i have been playing with my blog all afternoon in between dealing with my two Boy's. Now these 2 LO are just practise runs of sketches that i have been trying to follow but have not joined up too as of yet. So please do tell me wot you think and leave me a comment as i am just new to all of this and as for scrapping for the past 5 or so years and loving it all these challengers, blogs etc etc are all still a big learning curve to me, as i surpose it was to all of you girls as well!!!!!!!!!!....

This is my first LO, of my totally wonderfull husband, he can never take one good photo so please do get used to seeing him on here being silly all of the time.

And this is my second LO, of my two boys Corey 6yrs, Dean 4yrs with Jason and myself. And again as you can see my two boys take after there father cause this is probably the best family photo i have gotten in the past 6 years of the 4 of us!!!!!!!! I think it is Contagious in our family, which is all of the boys can never be Serious!!!!!!!  :)

Thanks girls for coming and having a look at my blog, and if comments are left thank you all so much.
you have a nice night now as i know i will kiddies are in bed and im going to scrap my little heart out.. LOL
Till next time bye for now



  1. Well done. You do have the hang of blog land. Are you ready for another addiction and time waster?
    Now as for the family photo, my boys do the same and nearly every photo has bunny ears or a tongue hanging out....
    Great work. Love your colors and designs.

  2. Thanks so much for your lovely comments on my blog! I just found yours and am now following you...These layouts are awesome and dont worry about the photos...I learnt how to edit after a while LOL! Looking forward to more from you!!! Take care..Nadia.

  3. 2 FAB Layouts Toni!!! loads of detail on your first LO..
    & love all the sewing on your second LO of you & your Family... Ummmm wonder who too that photo of the family!!! LOL


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**HUGS** to each and every one of you.....