Thursday, 9 February 2012

IM BACK!!!!!

Hello to you all .....
Its been sometime now . but Im back!!!! just casual for the moment thou!!!!!
First off all i want to thank you for all your sweet beautiful coments, caring for me!!!!
Im doing ok Health wise still just trying to shed some kilo's!!! but im getting there!!!!!
Now i know i dont have to explain things but i like to as you are all just so caring and sweet to me!!!
here goes real quickly thou as i dont want to bore you all!!!!

Last year in november my family went threw real hard times as i LOST my deer sweet pop!!!!!
and then 2 weeks later my husband and I lost our BEST FRIEND in a freak car accident he was only 23 and was and will still be loved from us!!!!!! when i am ready i would love to scrap him But not just yet still very raw!!!!! this took myself and my DH quiet some time to get over and still i dont think we are over it yet...
Other than that just been busy with business and boys and just life!!!
But i sent my lil boy off to school last tuesday first day of KINDER tears were flying from him and from mummy!!!! he is now settled in so i still work 5 days at our business but decided to take today off to have mummy time!! I so need my time as it has been so hectic the past 3 to 4 months with my health the boys business and the tragic things that have happened.. but hopefully im on track now with everything and would love to start scrapping again... HAVE NOT SCRAPPED SINCE OCT LAST YEAR!!!!!!!!!
really getting bad very bad withdrawals!!!!
so may not be today but hopefully next week i will have a layout or 2 to show you all!!!!

I really hope you are all well and had a fab Christmas and New year and im glad im back
Take Care to you all
And thanks again for all of your support!!!




  1. Hey Toni, it's so nice to hear that your back! I am so sorry about the loss of your friend and your pop. It certainly sounds like you have had a lot to deal with! I look forward to seeing your layouts again =) Take care

  2. Hi Toni, so glad to hear that things are sorting themselves out, sounds like you had a pretty rough time of it, but you sound much happier. Have missed seeing your creations and will keep an eye out next week. Take care. Hugs :)

  3. Toni, so nice to see you back and hopefully scrapping soon. Hopefully there are good times ahead after so much sadness recently xo

  4. Hi Toni, so glad that your back! Sorry to hear about your difficult times. Hugs to you. Look forward to seeing your lo's next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Toni it is so good to hear from you again, although it sounds like you have had a really rough couple of months. I hope that 2012 will be a better year for you, health wise, family and friends wise and business wise. It sounds like you have been very strong to pull through it and I wish you all the best for the year ahead.
    I cannot wait to see your creative side again and you might just find it is the outlet you need to help you heal. x

  6. Welcome back Toni! I'm so sorry to hear your tragic news. :(
    I hope this year will bring you and your family loads of happiness and I'm looking forward to see your scrappy creations again.
    Take care. xx

  7. great to have you back Tina .... so sorry to hear of your tragic news ... your journey through grief is your journey and a time frame does not matter ... you have to do what you feel is best for you in the time yopu want, and always remember to be gentle on yourself and take care .. love and hugz Heather x

  8. Aw Toni you have certainly had a tough time of it, such sad times, life is so unfair sometimes isn't it :( Take care. xx


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