Friday, 14 October 2011

Just a little share with you all today!!!

Hi Girls,

Sorry it has been a while,

Just wanted to let you know that it seems to me that I must be having a little break from Scrapping as I have not scrapped in over 2 weeks!!!! (give me a minni just blowing my nose and wiping the tears away from my face!!)
I have just been so busy lately, and trying to catch up at our business, as over school holidays did not work much so now the paper work is just building up!!!!
I also am trying to loose some weight, so that is keeping me busy and active, as I try not to think about food so I do not get hungry or just binge eat!!!!

Little Story I would like to share with you!!!

3 Years ago I was a staggering 82kilos and this February I was a little 58Kilos. I then gave up smoking. and put on half that weight I lost!!! :( :(
Great that I gave up smoking great for my health and for my two boys..... let me add my DH gave up with me!!
But What I'm about to share with you all is the first time I have told anyone that is outside my family and my 2 best friends

My yo-yo dieting as my doctor and dietitian tells me has now done damage to me for life!!!!
I now have a liver disease!!!!! The dieting did not give it to me it has just not made it any better!!!
I now am working with my doctor and dietitian and now I'm back on weight watches as that's how I lost my weight in the first place. I have to loose weight doc says down to around 55kilos to give my liver the best of health that I can... I am not over weight now he says I just have to loose the weight for my liver and to be the healthiest that I can be!!! This means:
No take away fatty foods at all!!! no alcohol!! no wheat, very little dairy!!! I am now on calcium tablets!!
a hell of a lot of changes in my life is going on right now!!! all the foods I enjoyed like a Vegemite sandwich yep well no longer can have that!!!! :(:(
My 2 besties are helping me threw this!!! and my mum too.... which gee I love them for!! In fact to tell you all the truth when I got told this I was beside my self I was like no way I have two boys that need me etc etc!!! I ate and ate and ate all the foods I was not allowed too!!! But now this past week one of my Bestest friends has helped me get on track again..

Have seen doc recently and he put it all into nice words for me!! as I had a little whimper to him about this and my fears over leaving my two boys!!! he told me that if I can loose this weight and keep healthy and keep up exercising daily he thinks ill be fine, this disease can grow worse either way loosing the weight or not, but the best option for me and my liver is to be HEALTHY.... So guess what HEALTHY it is for me!!!! he will do more testing to me in 3 months to see how my liver is after being on a diet and hopefully losing around the 10 kilo mark!!!! see if it is at bay or is still growing as such!! this is as my liver is now enlarged!!!

So please ladies Thanks to you all that have listened to me poor my heart out!!! please let me tell you thou that gee it feels good to get it off of my chest!!! :)
I am at a good place right now as I can feel this new diet working for me and getting back on weight watches it all feels good... So can not promise you that ill be back tomorrow or in a week to share some scrapping with you all, but I do miss you all and scrapping, I miss it lots but am just concentrating on loosing weight right now!!!!
So THANKS for being patient




  1. Toni, I'm so sorry to hear about your health issues. It is good though your doctor has caught it and your being pro-active in turning things around!

    Take care

  2. Hi Toni! I missed your gorgeous posts and comments around the www. I'm sorry to hear that you are not well and I totally agree with you that it should be your first priority to get better and be healthy. All of us and scrapping will be here when you're ready. Take good care of yourself. (((hugs)))

  3. Hope you get on top of your health & are better soon :-). Thanks so much for visiting my blog & leaving such lovely comments <3

  4. Ahhh SO this Means I'm a BESTIE of your's then..... hehehehe!
    YOU know I'm with YA every step of the WAY!!!!

  5. Sorry to hear you are not well Toni :( Best wishes on your weight loss journey...I hope you are well soon xx

  6. oh Toni how devastating for you as the liver is a vital organ in your body and it needs to be healthy ... I am sure you will beat this challenging time and be healthy again ... do you know what doctors do not tell you is that organs can regenerate and become healthy again .. my naturopath whom I trust ... has helped me through some really tough health issues and has taught me to have faith and believe .. I meditate every single day and so far all is good .. I had hepatitis many years ago and my doctor told me I would have liver damage for life .. NOT TRUE !! ACUPUNCTURE REVERSED THE DAMAGE !!!!! doctors do some great work but are not always right !!!
    take care sweet and believe in yourself ... big hugz x

  7. OMG Toni. I am so sorry to hear you are unwell. You have blown me away and given me tingles down my spine. I guess we sit back and only see the creative happy side to us so you dont really know what is going on in the background.
    I do hope you can manage your healthy lifestyle and you obviously know you have a lot riding on your decisions and it sounds like you have wonderful support around you which is great. I am so glad you shared your story and please please, make sure you keep us up to date and don't forget to scrap about your ups and downs as I am sure it will help you.
    Take care and Good Luck.

  8. Oh no Toni! I'm so sorry to hear about your health issues. It sounds like you're on the right track and have a great support team. Please keep us updated!!! And I don't get into religion and beliefs in bloggy world but prayer is powerful and I will keep you in mine.

  9. So sorry to hear of your health troubles Toni. Hopefully you can find the time to get back into your scrapping and it will help you keep your mind of things. And a huge congratulations for giving up the smoking. I think so highly of people who give up for all the right reasons so well done!!

    Thank you for leaving some love over at my blog. I am so happy with how my wedding card turned out just with some cardstock and a stamp! Who needs pretty papers?!? Looking forward to seeing the wedding card you come up with :)

  10. Oh Toni so sorry to hear about all this! I have health issues from the very same thing - it's so tough! Good Luck!! Of course you must put your health first xx

  11. Oh wow Toni! I'm sorry to hear that you are not feeling well! Scrapping can wait. Yes you need to do everything that the dr. has told you and try to get your liver under control! My prayers are with you Toni! Hugs! :)

  12. Aww honey, so sad to hear of your health concerns. Wishing you all the best for getting back on track and healthy. Nothing like a scare to motivate us sometimes! I have a little something to cheer you up over at my blog... an award for you xo

  13. Sorry to hear this Toni! :( It's great that you and your hubby were able to give up smoking though! :D Look after yourself! (Hugs!)

  14. Toni, Hugs to you! Thanks for sharing your heart! I'll be praying for you! ~ Blessings

  15. I haven't been around much lately and have just read your post. I'm so sorry to hear your are unwell and am glad you are taking your Doctor's advice and are looking after yourself. You've really made me stop and think.. I haven't been looking after myself lately and can feel the effects in my body and my mind, so I'm going to try and get back on track and not take my health for granted!! Sending you a big hug, take care :))

  16. Hi my dear and sweet friend!!!
    First of all you are such a sweet and strong person and I know that you gonna make this came true!!!
    I know exactily what it´s be over same kilos....When I was pregnant from Marcella my weight is 59 and now I have 86 I start to work with a dietitian for try to loose !!!
    I try so hard, but for me have been so dificult because I´m a chef de I cook a lot.
    But I promisse to me that I need to do this for Marcella I have 49 years so...I´m not youg anymore!!!
    my friend I promisse to you both of us can do this...
    I like you alot and you are such a wonderful keep streigth and everithing will be just fine!!!
    Sorry my poor english biu I write with my hart for you!!!!
    Have a wonderful week.
    Kisses and a big...big hug !!!
    With much love

  17. Hi Toni, I just thought I would stop by and say hi and see how you are doing? I hope that everything is ok with you and that your diet/health plan is working for you. I miss seeing your creations and your lovely comments on blog. Stop by sometime and keep us updated. Take care of yourself xoxox

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  19. Hi Toni, I just wanted to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and new year. Take care xox

  20. Hi Toni. You have popped into my head a couple of times lately and I was wondering how you were. You have not been blogging lately. I hope you are well and that you are just taking a break. Happy New Year to you. xx

  21. I have been a terribly slack blogger lately but I had been thinking I hadn't seen you around much Toni. I am so sorry to hear you are unwell Toni. You must hate that you can't scrap too. I know I would. I am so glad to hear you are doing all the right things to keep you healthy and hope you are getting better real quick. Remember we are here to talk to you whenever you need any support sweetie. Love and huge cuddles to you Toni {{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}} XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Love from Tarrah


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