Wednesday, 20 April 2011



I have just finished posting this POST and WOW WEE it is so so so so so long, so if you make it threw this hole blog and leave me a comment at the end well i commend you all.... THANK YOU!!! and sorry it is so long!!!! i think it is because im stuck at home in isolation with me 2 boys, and even thou im loving the scrapping part i dont get to see human life and my girlfriends to chat to so im sorry but i must be chatting to all of you instead.... LOL...

Hi Ladies, i hope you all are having a great week!!!!!

Thankyou for all your lovely comments about my boy!!

He is doing well he, does not even act like he is sick!!! TYPICAL BOY!!! Running a muck!!! He is well thou the Antibiotics should be kicking in by now and doing there job!!!!

Here are a few Photos of me boy with SCARLET FEVER!!!!
The doctors call it a strawberry tongue! and i can see why??? LOL
My Poor lil MAN... He says it dont hurt thou. and he is still eating everything!!!!!!

And his rash was on his tummy neck and back where yesterday it went to his face and legs ears neally all over...

So Girls i have a one layout to show you today, and i cheated a little as i have done 1 Layout for 2 different challenges hehehahahahehehehahah...

Ok the Challenges are for SCRAP THE BOYS !!!!

You have to get Inspiration from your boys clothing

Mine is Corey dressed in GREEN ready to go to his very first disco in Kindergarten for St Patricks Day...

And the second Challenge is for Kraft it up!!!

1, 2, 3, 4, 5 challenge, you must create a layout based on the following...
1 piece of Kraft cardstock

2 photos smaller than 6x4

3 different Alphas

4 different patterned papers (yes you can use the reverse side of one sheet as long as the pattern is different)

5 different embellishments

Here is my take on both these Challenges:

And of course those close ups!!!!!

Ok i think im done here!!!! FINALLY!!!!! lol!!
Thanks so much for leaving me a comment and thanks so much for making it throu this very very big post.....
I think that i am getting very lonely at home in isolation!!!!!!!

Take Care
Bye For Now


  1. Great layout Toni love all the bits and pieces and OMG how bizarre is his tongue!!!! glad it doesn't hurt him and is still eating :)

  2. Hey this wasnt SO long!! LOL I enjoyed reading it ...I like this layout. I love the colours you have chosen and what a gorgeous boy.

    Oh I hear ya about the isolation thing...I totally get it. So go ahead and chat to us girl. We are all listening :o)

  3. SUPER COOL LO Toni!!! Love the Color Choice & the rips on the side of the paper....
    Dean's Tongue looks Soooooo weird.. LOL! even thou its not funny!!
    Happy Scrapping!

  4. Hi! Toni!

    What great pages, love the icecream and lambie ones!!

    My name is Shazza.

    I’m just letting you know that I run two really successful challenge blogs and would love to see you join in.

    ARTastic is a challenge where we take paintings from the great artists with a little added criteria. The blog address is


    From Screen 2 Scrap is a challenge blog based on Movies with a little added criteria. The blog address is

    Please add yourself as a follower so you get all the monthly updates.

    We would love to see you join in.

    Cheers and thanks

  5. Fantastic LO Toni.. love your mix of pp's and cute pics!! So glad Dean is feeling OK.. that pic of his tongue looks like it should hurt!! Thanks for playing along at KIU:) hugs

  6. Wow, look at that tongue. Amazing.
    Great LOs. Lovin the green. Very cool boy LO

  7. oh love your layout! brillant use of colours and design! so glad to hear your boys on the mend, totally understand your feeling about two boys in the house running a muck...boys just don't do :) {HUGS}


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