Wednesday, 28 September 2011


Good morning again girls!!!

Just another share with you all today but first let me tell you something FUNNY!!!!LOL

We went to Ben 10 LIVE yesterday and yes DeanO loved it!! Corey was bored thou 5 mins into it!!!
any way mummy then went shopping afterwards and yes bought 3 new pairs of shoes with a handbag to match as we do!!LOL (hey they were all on SALE lol) so we were ready to head back to the car with like 6 boxes of shoes ( 2 shoes for Corey & 1 for Dean and 3 for me) so I popped the car keys in my pocket as I normally do so its easy to pop the boot with hands full !! any way as I walk past the shop next door I seen a shirt to match the shoes and handbag LOL so went in tried it on and yep it fit, so anyway went to pay all was good but then while I had my handbag opened I thought I would grab my keys out so its easier!! well I ended up stripping my handbag out on the shop counter as I could not find my keys, I had Dean and Corey looking all under the racks of clothes in the dressing rooms and also the lady in the shop was helping too!!! here I am panicking!!!, as we were like 1.5 hours from home and the spare key is at HOME!! so still looking everywhere than the shop lady said, OK now back track your steps.. so I was standing there thinking!!I then felt down to my pocket and WELL YES HELLO here they were in my POCKET!!!!
I am so so laughing about it now but man I felt so so STUPID!!!!

so here is my share for you today it is for White With 1
and this month you have to use WHITE + PALE PINK + JOURNAL ON YOUR PHOTO

So this is what I came up with:

This is my Darling Neice!!!
So is so CUTE
Now this is my very first time using a template in the background, Didn't turn out perfect but i still LOVE it!!

OKAY sorry about the long post but had to share my little funny stupid moment I had yesterday
Take Care and till next time
Bye for Now
*HUGS to you all for your lovely comments**


  1. LOL Toni! That sounds like something I would do!! Lucky it was all good :-)
    What a sweet sweet page and the template looks fantastic!!

  2. I just looooove your story. With all of that shopping, no wonder you forgot. I could picture the boys on their hands and knees looking. Too funny.
    And you page. WOW. This is fabulous. I love your masking and I think it is perfect. Love the pic and the mix of embellies. My new fave.

  3. LOL Toni, we all do crazy things like that. Love your layout. That masking is great!

  4. Hi.. this is gorgeous!! love the photo - so adorable!!

  5. Hehehe... that is so funny Toni and definitely something that I would do. :)
    I love your layout. You've done a fab job with the template and your niece is SO cute. Take care. xx

  6. Good story Toni. I think that has happened to us all at sometime. Love your layout & I think your first time with a stencil turned out fab. Looks great. Cheers Di xx

  7. Funny story Toni, I think I may have even done once or twice !! Your LO is fabulous. The masking is super !! Wouldn't know it was your first time. Thanks for playing along with WW1

  8. LOL! Such a funny story, we all have moments like that. Love this layout, she's so cute! Fabulous embellies and love what you did with the base paper!!!

  9. Yeah!! with your Story... I think we have all been in there & done that @ some point.... hehehe
    Your Layout is FAN FAB U LAS... Love the Masking & all the other Details here!!!!
    Such a SUPER Cute photo of Niece..... xx

  10. Fabulous layout Toni, and well done on the masking it looks great! Love your cluster and the journaling on your photo

  11. Oh Toni! I totally hear you hun, if shoes are on sale and you have the money, just go for it! i have a small shoe and then with the keys! OMG! poor love :) I Have to say Toni this layout is just totally stunning! i really love how you have used the masking and the simple cluster of elements are just enough to compliment the beautiful photo, so so so LOVE this layout {HUGS}

  12. LOL @ your story. Totally something I would do!!! Your page is absolutely beautiful! I love it! Your masking is perfect - couldn't be better. Very arty and very stunning.

  13. love the story .. gave me a smile ....I do that with my glasses and guess where they are?? they are on my head ???!!!! this page is totally awesome ..... love it and that pic is just the best .... such a little cutie ... gorgeous work ... hugz x

  14. LOL...I can imagine how you felt...just like Heather said, there are worse!lol!!! The background turned out just fine!!! I love your design!!!And what a sweetheart your niece is!!!

  15. Wow! Wow! Wow! Oh Toni this is just GORGEOUS!!!! I love everything about this...everything! Simply beautiful!

  16. OOOHHH so love your LO Toni, the masking looks fantastic and I love all the pretty bits.. what a little cutie!! :))

  17. Absolutley beautiful page! I LOVE your background, it looks pretty darn perfect to me! Such a cute photo too :)

  18. Thanks for sharing your story...brilliant to know I'm not alone ;) Gorgeous layout...I love the imperfection of the template, great texture & what a cutie your neice is! :)

  19. This is beautiful to perfection!!!! I love the masking and it looks perfect with those colours and photos...brillant work hon!! :))xx

  20. This is too beautiful! Love your template work - looks amazing!!


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