Sunday, 29 May 2011

Hello my Scrapping Buddies, IM ALIVE!!!!!!

Hello there to you all, gee wizza it has been 4 weeks or more since i have posted a layout.!!!! :(  :( 

I am just writing to you all, to let you all know that please bare with me for another few weeks and i will be back on here like never before.

The past month or so has been so hectic for me it is not funny!!!!!

Just to let you know why, in the shortest possible way i can!!
Here i go:

I run two businesses my own and my husbands i am a bookkeeper by trade as well as i work in my business which is a takeaway store. and my husband is a diesel mechanic!!

We bought this business 12 months ago and gee wizza i have been busy, and in the past month i have not been able to work in my business as my husband needs me in his!! 5 day a week, so i have been stuck working from like 8am in the morning going to my business doing the book work taking the kiddies to school and to day care by 9am and then going and doing his bookwork from 9 am to 3pm, than going to get my kiddies and going home, which is 30klms away from town, then doing the chores like the ducks the turkeys the chooks the geese and our dogs and checking the sheep which i have 11 potty lambs, as well as the usual house work and home work.

So that is why i have not been able to scrap or even get on here and comment to you lovely scrappers.!!!!
cause when kiddies are in bed so am i!! LOL

Any way i did say short story!!!!LOL!! 

I have sold my shop, as i just cant keep all of this work up and i hate i mean HATE being away from my two boys they are only little once!!!!!! And i need to be a book keeper and spare parts person at least 3 days a week at our other business.!!
So as of the 1st of July i will be a STAY AT HOME MUM AGAIN!!!!!!! WWOOOOOHHHOOOO i can not wait...
The new owners take over 1st of July!!! so other than doing 2 to 3 days with my husband i will be at home with my boys, a little making up time!!!! of lots of playing and just hanging out together you know the usual motherly things... A holiday to the snow with them also !!!!and then i will be back to scrap yes yes yes!!!!!!!!!

So please ladies dont wipe me off of your lil list of scrapping girls just yet cause i will return as soon as the 1st of july comes around and i just need a lil catching up time with my 2 boys and husband .!!!!!

Thanks to you all so very much and yes i know it is long and not a short POST and i appolize for that i just hope that you were able to stay awake to read it all!!!! LOL LOL LOL..

I will try and get on here when i can to at least comment on all of your lovely Pages!!!

till next time



  1. Oh i hear ya there Toni! SO happy though to hear that you have made some decisions and hopefuly things will settles down soon. Dont worry..there will be plenty of time of scrapping LOL! Missed you though :o)

  2. Yay, glad you are back. I did notice you were not around.
    Life is just crazy busy isn't it? I said to my DH on the weekend, will it ever stop?? No is our answer.


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